Electrical and Electronics Services

Electrical and Electonics Services

Electrical Installations / Maintenance Process can be assessed by quantitative and qualitative indicators.

Quantitative indicators include technical and economic indicators, defined by the total time spent for us to work on certain project by the average time and frequency of the performance of one type of service;

by the cost and the amount of reserved accessories and consumables consumed in the process of maintenance; by the technical staff load factor

What we do

  • Motor Re-winding.
  • Water Pumps Installation
  • Solar Installations
  • Motor starters Designing and installation
  • Maize Mill Planting
  • Any Generators Repair and Installations
  • Backup systems (electrical and solar).
  • Factory machines installations and power factor collection and improvement
  • Carry out Electrical installation work in domestic, commercial, industrial, agricultural and horticultural buildings
  • Electrical Plans Analysis and Cost Estimates for the proposed project
  • Consulting on any Work related to Electrical & Electronics systems
  • Troubleshooting Electronics Devices E.g. Smart Tv, Decoders, Amplifiers, Smart Phones, etc.
  • Designing Electrical Plans for Houses, Motor Starter, Dwelling House Plans etc>

Computer and Networking Services

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