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Think-Big is involved in various projects in: Consulting, Construction, Maintenances Electrical, Electronics and in computers Technologies systems.

Our Vission

To be a leading Electrical, Electronics, Computers and Software Engineering firm, providing best Technological systems.

Mission Statement

To be a leading Electrical, Electronics, Computers and Software Engineering firm, providing best Technological systems, services and helping upcoming born engineers countrywide.

Think-Big's Philosophy

To support clients' project or contracts success and meeting needs for technical support.

Computers & Networking Services

Computers or other Electronics of failure known as Reactive Maintenance. It is used whenever the object deterioration causes a functional failure.

The strategy is based on the principle of fast troubleshooting without examining the root causes of their occurrence. It is used if the repair cost is relatively low.

With regard to CS the failure, which leads to malfunction, may occur, for example, because of the high temperature and humidity, over-current and voltage, vibration, and mechanical impacts.

At the same time, the failure of the CS and its separate units is often caused not only due to physical malfunction, but also their incompatibility or incorrect software configuration, use of algorithms that are sensitive to violations of information processes.

There are error facts in the design of microprocessors omitted by the developers that do not affect the operation of the standard software and have been discovered by chance.

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Activities within the framework of the Contract strategies can be classified as follows:

  •  Software Maintenance Services
  •  Ongoing Computers repair/ Networking
  •  Overhaul or Computers
  •  Computer Services Networking
  •  Replacement and installation of new equipment.


With experience shows that the most frequently provided services are

  •  Installation, configuration and recovery of the operating system.
  •  Optimization of the operating system settings
  •  Installation/configuration of software
  •  Elimination of hardware and software conflicts
  •  Regular maintenance of hard disks
  •  Backup and recovery of data
  •  Computer Hardware Troubleshooting
  •  Computer anti-virus Installations
  •  Repair and modernization of computers, laptops, servers, etc
  •  Replacement /installation of components
  •  Computer assistance
  •  Internet connection setting
  •  Motors installation and troubleshooting
  •  Communication equipment setting.
  •  Connection of peripheral devices
  •  Heavy-duty and office Printers Troubleshooting
  •  Office Printers Toner Issues Troubleshooting
  •  Printers Cartridges Issues
  •  Printers Chip Issues
  •  Tonner/ Cartridges Replacement
  •  Printers Networking