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Think-Big is involved in various projects in: Consulting, Construction, Maintenances Electrical, Electronics and in computers Technologies systems.

Our Vission

To be a leading Electrical, Electronics, Computers and Software Engineering firm, providing best Technological systems.

Mission Statement

To be a leading Electrical, Electronics, Computers and Software Engineering firm, providing best Technological systems, services and helping upcoming born engineers countrywide.

Think-Big's Philosophy

To support clients' project or contracts success and meeting needs for technical support.

Think-Big Technologies

Has professional membership with regulatory institutions in Malawi. Experts are active members of various professional institutions.

The company has regulatory compliance with Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) TPIN, Electrical Association of Malawi (ECAM Pending), National Construction Industrial Council (NCIC Pending), Malawi Board of Engineers and Malawi Business Registration Act MBRS.

THINK-BIG TECHNOLOGIES Believes in key human resources for success implementation of projects in a team environment. The company has a tradition of capacity building and growth for its young and new graduates in various disciplines.

The number of full-time employees is growing fast over the years in the following fields: Project Management, Electricians, Engineers, Electrical & Electronics Technicians, Information Computer Technology, and Specialists drawn in other important fields.

Certified company
Experienced Team

Think-Big Technologies has hired the necessary field vehicles ready for deployment to challenging rural project arrears to conduct the necessary electrical and Electronics Technologies services and appropriate interventions as required by our client

Think-Big Technologies offers the following services cartegorised as follows:

  •  Electrical Installations and Maintenances.
  •  Electrical and electronics Circuits designing
  •  Electronics Firmware Upgrades
  •  Electronic Repair
  •  Electronics Reprogramming
  •  Computers Software
  •  Windows operating systems Installations with license and other options
  •  Technical Project Design
  •  Generator and solar Backup system.
  •  Graphics Design, Logo Design.
  •  Receipt Books, Invoice Books, Delivery Note Books, and General Printing
  •  Books and magazine Printing.
  •  Motors installation and troubleshooting
  •  Printers Set up and Networking printing Configuration and securing the system.